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#SnapChat + #Family = Madness

Definitly one of my favorite go to places is Disney World®. Spending time at all of the Disney World® Theme parks has been one of my passions since i was a little Girl and I promise that very soon i will be sharing pictures exclusively with y’all of that little Alexandra enjoying Disney World right here on Momento Ale, but for now I want to share some pictures of my trip to Disney last weekend, with my Dad, Mom, and younger Brother, Family time is the best! I have no doubt of that, i won’t lie, not everything is perfect in my life and not everything is always joy but believe me when happy moments come along I try to squeeze every bit i can out of it.

I Admit that it took me a long time to get up to date with the cyber world, but once I learned how it worked, I have a lot of fun sharing my crazy self with y’all.

Of course I have SnapChat and there I dare a little more with my videos than usual because it gets deleted in 24 hours but, on this post on Momento Ale i decided to upload all the Snaps that went up on my SnapChat last weekend, so, if you didn't get to see them here they are.

One of the things that I love about Disney ® is that it unites many families with great enthusiasm, joy and happiness. Many people decorate their cars with messages like this one that is in the picture ‘’wave if you love Disney ® #Thedisneyvan’'

I love it!

Just a pic before my victory, ( not sure if my dad let me win) in the Toy Story Mania game.

Sorry Dad, but i had to post it. When my dad sees this he will kill me, but I must add that I begged him to let me take a pictue of him with my Minnie Mouse ears and he let me because of how much he loves me. Sorry Daddy but you look so cute, i just had to share.

although many loved ones are missing in these photos,

I share them with much love. when the whole team comes together i will share them for sure!

I invite you to do the same, share with me your family moments through my social networks with the Hashtag #MomentoAle

I Love you guys so much!

Family is everything to me, and believe me when I say thats how it should always be. we must always appreciate our families and see family as the greatest treasure in life.The Moments you see in these pictures are the ones that keep me healthy, with my feet on the ground and rise my encouragement to keep moving forward. God, thank you for my Family and all you give me, forgive me, for not appricaiting you enough i will work on that.

Alexandra Pomales

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