A Delicious Desert... Thats Healthy?

Definitely the Christmas season has the most delicious food, but also the food that makes us feel the most guilty, of course after every meal theres like about 6 different desserts and you say ‘’Ok i will get a a small bit of each’’ but lets be real, when you come to realized you ate much more than a small bit of each, of course if it is Christmas right? You have to take advantage!. And I admit occasionally to indulge in guilty pleasure foods is good, but not all the time, and let's be realistic Christmas for us Latinos officially start on Thanksgiving and from that time till mid January its a meal here and food there, and basically every other day we eat so many things that contain ingredients such as refined sugar, and oils, and dairy. that don’t make us feel great. Thats why I decided that for Christmas dinner with my Family i wanted to cook a healthy dessert for all so i did , and i wanted to share the recipe so you can also get a great sweet taste, and feel good and healthy!

If you do it at home share it with me through my social networks i would love to see your creation also.

With much love,

Alexandra Pomales



Gluten Free Brownies

Step 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. if using a glass or dark metal pan decrease oven tempeture to 325 F.


Gluten free browine mix

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